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Sheffield has a fine collection of artwork scattered across the city on gable-ends, hoardings, walls and shop-front shutters. Probably most people in the city do not know of its existence.

I noticed that some artwork was being defaced and some older pieces were suffering from weathering. I thought it would be a good idea to capture these pieces and make them known to a wider public before they disappeared. Sadly, some have gone already.

There is a Google map showing the locations of Sheffield's Street Art.

For an alternative take on Sheffield Street Art visit the excellent Painting the Town - Steel City Graffiti and Urban Art.

My site only shows Street Art that is easily accessed by the general public. There is a wealth of graffiti hidden in derelict buildings and out-of-the way places. Fiona Ferret Graffiti - The Writing on the Wall shows lots of this as well as the usual street art.

For a wider picture, try Global Street Art.

If you're looking for Public Art in Sheffield, I suggest you try Sheffield Hallam University's Public Art Archive . You can browse lots of thumbnails there.


This site does not purport to be comprehensive or correct in every detail. So, if you know who the artists are, when work was created or even why, let me know so corrections can be made. If there is artwork in the city that does not feature here, please tell me what and where, so unknown masterpieces can be added.
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And now, for something completely different, have a look at Sheffield, Tasmania, City of Murals .

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This is a work in progress. New artwork appears on almost a weekly basis. Please visit again and check out what's New on site. If you've seen work you like, why not commission the artist to do something for you?